Harmony Will Come

I love music. Anyone that knows me well, understands that my music taste is varied. Beautiful music can come from anywhere and anyone, but most people don’t just wake up making beautiful music. If you’ve ever been to a concert or local talent show and sat uncomfortably in your seat while someone didn’t quite make that note, then you understand what I’m talking about.  Sure everyone has an off day now and then, ask any touring artist. Good music takes patience, practice and a whole lot of hard work, for most of us anyway. Blended families can be the same way. There’s no such thing as having all of the pieces just fall together and everyone working in harmony post nuptials. Trust me I know…

It takes quite a bit of effort to bring two families together, especially mine. Today, just as I was thinking about many things that were not quite gelling yet, my wife and I stopped what we were doing to put two of our girls to bed. Now in our home, before we go to sleep we have a devotional thought. The girls wanted to sing a couple of songs before we got started and I still think it was a ploy to stay up just a little bit longer (I let them have that one). As we sang the last song my wife and I broke into harmony, and I was reminded how beautiful things are when they work in harmony.

All day I had been struggling with a topic for my first blog article. To be honest I spent most of my time trying to figure out some of the more technical parts of building my own website (I still haven’t figured that all out yet). Between thinking of all of the things that I would like to do better personally and as a family, life began to build itself into a daunting task. The beautiful harmony in the song we sang tonight reminded me that with a little patience, a little practice, some work and dedication, the harmony in our family will come… and when it does, it will be beautiful.

I don’t know if the cavemen knew how to sing in harmony, in fact I’m not sure how much they knew about anything. In that way sometimes, when approaching the idea of blended families, I feel very much like a caveman. There’s not a whole lot I know about this. What I do know, is we are all doing our very best to make our family work. Some days are harder than others but we all hope that we have lots of days ahead of us. Perhaps when all is said and done, we’ll all be gurus on the subject. For now, hopefully you’ll benefit from my ramblings, but mostly my stumbling through the process.

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