Good Men DO Exist!


I’m not sure about you but every now and again someone will say something or a post will show up in my Facebook feed that attempts to remind me about the shared deficits of the male population. While I do understand that sometimes people get frustrated, have bad relationships and at times get involved with some downright no good folk, I also believe that it’s important to maintain perspective. If I’m totally honest I get frustrated with the perpetuation of a narrative that paints men in a negative light (maybe I’m a little bias on this one… sue me).


What helps me keep things in perspective is looking at facts, not people’s various opinions on subjects but hard cold, emotionless facts.  So in an effort to see what’s really out there about men, preparing myself for the worst, I went hunting for some facts.  Here’s a couple of cool facts that I found (keeping in mind most of my facts are from the US because, well, they keep better data than Bermuda).

1. estimates that there are 70.1 million dads in the US.  That’s a lot of… well… you know, dads.  Lot’s of kids too if you consider that about 30% of those guys are helping in some form or fashion to raise three or more kids. That’s a whopping 23+ million dads helping to raise their brood.  No I’m not expecting them to get extra kodos for doing what they’re supposed to do, I’m just trying to switch the conversation a little.

2. What’s really cool is how involved these dads really are.  Research has shown that all dads that are involved with their kids play with them regularly.  The New York Times posted an article on June 6, 2015 boasting that black dads are doing best of all.  A Center for Disease Control (CDC) report showed that 78% of black dads ate meals with their kids everyday, 70% bathed, diapered or dressed their kids daily, 82% played with their kids daily, and 34% read to their kids daily.


I guess you’re saying “so what” isn’t that what they’re supposed to do.  To that, I’d say yes, yes they are.  So what’s my point? Well quite simple really, there are more dad’s out there doing what they’re supposed to than there are that are not.  Here’s another fun fact, in a lifetime women average between 4-5 partners. What’s that got to do with anything? Well I’m glad you asked. Experience… or lack there of in this case.  So the next time you start typing out or fix your face to say “all men are…” remember that your experience is limited to a very small segment of the population you are about to slander.  Not that I think it will stop you… but I just had to vent. But hey, who knows, maybe these simple facts will help to encourage you and you’ll realize that there are lots of good men out there, doing what they’re supposed to do and asking for nothing in return. So I’m asking for them… stop slandering us. Please and thank you.



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