Mother’s Day Note to StepMoms

Mostly my words here are meant for men, men like me that are experiencing the challenges and joys of being a father in blended family situations, whatever they might be. Today though, I’ll break with that trend. On this special day, while we celebrate all mothers, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate a special segment of mothers. Stepmom, mom2, mom, or whatever awesome term of endearment is used in your household, you are an especially extraordinary woman.  


You have made the remarkable decision of taking into your care and into your heart children that, by birth and blood were not yours. With care, love, and patience you’ve made them your family. Contrary to the portrayals in classic stories and in film and television, I’ve yet to meet a wicked stepmother. It takes a particularly special woman to love, unconditionally, another woman’s child. And you do all of this knowing that you will never replace or have the same privileges of their biological mother. That’s AMAZING!


What’s even more incredible is that you do all of this with the knowledge that the love you are giving freely may not be returned. You risk being despised and rejected by the very people you have lovingly opened your heart and home to. The potential pain that you open yourself up to willingly in order to nurture and care for the children of the man that you love is admirable.


So to all mothers, but especially stepmothers. Happy Mother’s Day, you deserve celebration. Today and every day…

Inspired by my mother, my sisters, and my wife.

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